Bottega Veneta Cruise Collection

Bottega Veneta 2015 Cruise Collection, shot by Justin Lim at The Kandid

It has been a very busy few months, but would just like to tell you about this recent shoot I did at The Kandid for Bottega Veneta and Lifestyle Asia.

To see the feature, click here. It's wonderful to be creating, styling and shooting for brands of this calibre, who really appreciate that photography is one aspect to a great shot, but styling is another facet entirely. Luckily the studio now supports both!


TUVE, Justin Lim Photography, 2015

TUVE, Justin Lim Photography, 2015

I was recently fortunate to be granted insider access to all the rooms at the spectacular TUVE Hotel. For a long time, Hong Kong has lacked a truly boutique design hotel experience. We needed a game changer for design buffs. This hotel is an incredible tribute to minimalist design and industrial aesthetics which has been missing from the local scene for quite a while. What a privilege to see all their rooms and take in some of their philosophy. I just loved the rustic greys, the attention to detail from the woods to the little iron bath hooks. Highly recommended to any visitors, I'll have to arrange my own staycation!

A little review of the Lomo LC-A Minitar Art Lens

LC-A Minitar Art Lens, on my Leica M-E, August 2015

LC-A Minitar Art Lens, on my Leica M-E, August 2015

Lomography has been established for a while in Hong Kong now, and has grown from a cult dalliance into quite a large, universal enterprise. You often see people in HK with little Holgas and Dianas strapped to their Fjallraven Kankens. It's great that the new generation has embraced toy cameras, as they were a part of my own photographic growth.

As an owner of the original LC-A, I was intrigued by this addition to the lineup - a flat-nosed Russian optic, easy to fit on a digital M-Mount body. Having taken it for a spin, I was largely impressed by the ease of use and the playful vignetting. Of course, saturation needed a tweak to make those colours look Agfa-rich, but I'm happy with these.

The next step is probably to mount it on a Fujifilm-X and see how we go with that. Viva Minitar!

Save the Hong Kong trams!

The Walrus Grand Opening HK

If I had a dollar for every time I was invited to a nautical themed street party in Hong Kong... well to be honest I'd still have a dollar. But The Walrus - brought to you by the same people behind The Woods - is awesome, so thank you to their team for asking me to capture their big opening event! When the DJ spun a funkadelic version of Lennon's original song, we set sail and partied on into the evening. I'm definitely #downtoshuck now!

Follow The Walrus on IG at @thewalrushk for more fun!

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

The Walrus Grand Opening Street Party, Hong Kong, 2015 - Justin Lim Photography

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The Kandid - Home Journal 2015

I'm delighted to let you know that my photography and social hub have both been featured in this month's edition of Home Journal magazine. I photographed an 8-page feature on small plants, which took place entirely at my own workspace, The Kandid. This shoot saw names such as Ovo Hotels and Quest Terrarium visit my little hub. A very cool shoot indeed.

Lifestyle Asia: Hong Kong's 10 Instagrammers to Follow

Lifestyle Asia, July 2015

Lifestyle Asia, July 2015

Many thanks to Lifestyle Asia for naming me one of Hong Kong's 10 Instagrammers to follow.

I confess to being quite slow to take up this new social media, but it's hard to deny the explosive effect it's had on my profile since I was featured by Instagram HQ last year.

Many professionals are somewhat sceptical of this new medium, especially the slightly older generation of HK pros who have their bread and butter work. Mostly, when talking to pros about IG, you get a few stock responses of sarcastic sniping and bitterness. But it can't be denied that social media is here to stay and we are foolish not to embrace its all-encompassing reach. I'm grateful for all the new friends and collaborators I have made in the last 12 months.

Paris in Bloom

Paris is a place we all love to get behind, with its sleek, urbane sophistication and its effortless insouciance. Driven by a new minimalist aesthetic, it remains the gold standard of chic. Great to spend some time there after so many years.


For more of my reviews on Paris small plates, see my write-up on Townske.

Laine & Mark, Star Ferry, Hong Kong

Some highlights from Laine and Mark's recent wedding. I was so happy to meet and shoot for this wonderful couple whose wedding was such a fun, laid-back occasion. Their nuptials gave us all a chance to take things off dry land and stretch our sea legs a little. The Star Ferry - that old throwback to our colonial heritage - might not seem a very orthodox choice, but it was especially nostalgic to those of us who have made that crossing in years gone by.

After the sojourn at sea came the rustic and industrially-styled reception, held at The Butcher's Club near Aberdeen.

Some highlights from the day are pictured below.

A delight to be part of such a warm, intimate day with so many special memories to take away. I'm always lucky to work with couples who require something a little different in their wedding styling and photography.

Mrs. Pound

Very happy to be involved with the styling and photography for Mrs. Pound, a great new eatery in Hong Kong. These photos have been distributed to local media and magazines, and have found their way into international food blogs. Delighted for the whole Mrs. Pound team!