Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

I recently had the pleasure of spending several nights in Cambodia, hosted by the wonderful people at Shinta Mani. The jewel in the crown of their Cambodian properties is most certainly Shinta Mani Wild, a Bill Bensley-curated property nested in the verdant jungle lands in the Cambodian south. After a visit to Siem Reap, and their amazing Shinta Mani Angkor property, we were whisked to the wondrous lands of Wild, the week before their soft opening in December 2018. Here are some photos which I took as part of that journey, which really reinvigorated my passion to create exceptional lifestyle and hospitality imagery.


A spectacular homage to the untouched beauty of Cambodia’s most fertile jungles, this tribute to sustainability made every moment there feel like breathing air for the first time. The shackles of urban life, melted away at this ode to glamping at its most opulent. I found myself thinking how much of this world can still amaze and tantalise. This was never more clear than when we trekked into the surrounding lands with Wildlife Alliance, on the trail of dangerous poachers and their crude traps. That juxtaposition really opened my eyes.

Shinta Mani Wild, captured exclusively by Justin Lim, December 2018

Shinta Mani Wild, captured exclusively by Justin Lim, December 2018

Thank you to Amanda Ho, Editor-in-Chief of Electrify Magazine, for organising this retreat into Wild, and for being the perfect travel companion. Amanda is someone whose experience in terms of how to approach ethical lifestyle travelling is beyond reproach, and I believe she always beneficially informs my own experience as a lifestyle and wedding photographer.

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