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Lifestyle Asia: Hong Kong's 10 Instagrammers to Follow

Lifestyle Asia, July 2015

Lifestyle Asia, July 2015

Many thanks to Lifestyle Asia for naming me one of Hong Kong's 10 Instagrammers to follow.

I confess to being quite slow to take up this new social media, but it's hard to deny the explosive effect it's had on my profile since I was featured by Instagram HQ last year.

Many professionals are somewhat sceptical of this new medium, especially the slightly older generation of HK pros who have their bread and butter work. Mostly, when talking to pros about IG, you get a few stock responses of sarcastic sniping and bitterness. But it can't be denied that social media is here to stay and we are foolish not to embrace its all-encompassing reach. I'm grateful for all the new friends and collaborators I have made in the last 12 months.